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Our specialists will guide you through the stages of how we find, contain, and remove mold from your house - both indoors as well as outdoors.


Our Process for Mold Abatement in Stockton

Find and Remove

We locate any mold affected areas in your residential and commercial premises and prepare a detailed contamination plan. Next, we contain the infested areas so that you and other occupants of the property remain safe. A negative air pressure along with a HEPA filter exhaust to the exterior is created to prevent any kind of cross-contamination.
Our team of technicians follows industry-approved and recognized practices to safely get rid of all mold and mold-affected surfaces. In case your furniture or other personal items are damaged, we can also take care of the same issues professionally.

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Humidity Control

Mold develops in dark places of moisture and humidity. After you have removed the mold growth from your environment, it is vital to remove the source of the mold. Our technicians prepare an in-depth drying plan to restrict levels of moisture and bring them down to their preset levels. With the help of air movers and dehumidifiers, we will complete the process of drying and reach the targeted Equilibrium Moisture Content.


After drying the complete space, technicians use HEPA vacuums on all the surfaces. The fine filters of HEPA vacuums remove the smallest of particulates. We will also clean and sanitize air duct systems if required. For any remaining mold removal, we will use disinfectants, anti-microbial products, and sanitizers. The process is completed after performing a final vacuuming of all contaminated surfaces.

Restore your Home

Once the mold abatement, cleaning, and decontamination procedures are completed, we restore your residential or commercial premises to their original condition. This condition is better than what it was before since it is now cleaner and there’s no remaining mold growth. We will place all flooring surfaces, finish painting where it is required, and put back your furniture.

Why Do You Need a Professional for Mold Abatement in Stockton?
Is your property infested by mold? Hiring a professional house cleaning company can be beneficial in many ways as compared to the DIY approach. Professional mold removal in Stockton is about credible results and a comprehensive solution that not only removes the mold but also fixes it.

Proper Assessment and Treatment

Sometimes, mold is an outcome of air conditioning and humidity. As a professional company, we find the source, identify the areas of the problem not visible to the naked eye, and plan out quality house cleaning services that help you get rid of mold for good.

Prevent Future Problems

Using correct procedures for mold abatement in Stockton, we reduce the spread and prevent the problem from arising in the future. This way you can remain hassle-free, not having to spend excessive amounts of money on expensive products, and not having to call the repairman again. As your mold removal specialist, we also provide some tips to help you stay safe from the problem.


We know that all customers like to save money, especially when it comes to expenses on home repairs. Generally, if a homeowner waits to resolve the problem, the severity of the problem increases, making it a costlier expense. With professional mold removal in Stockton, you can ensure that the mold problems affecting your family’s air quality are completely eradicated. Moreover, you save money as the spread and growth of the fungus is restricted.