JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. is a registered contractor licensed by the state of California and the state of Nevada to perform Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition.


DO A GOOD JOB COMMUNICATE WELL and KEEP YOUR WORD These are the absolutes in business JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. lives by

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., President John Moore shares the story about the Wildfire Debris Removal & Cleanup work we did following the October 2017 Wildfires in Northern California.


John Moore is the president and founder of JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.
Mr. Moore founded the business in 1994 with one truck and PennySaver Ads;
he has grown the business into a recognized leader in the Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition Industry. Mr. Moore made it a habit early on, to invest in the best training, tools, and equipment for the business, so that JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., can always provide better services for our valued clients.

All of the Field Superintendents and Labor staff have been employed with
JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., for a minimum of 15 years, creating a strong, disciplined, well trained team.

A Field Superintendent is present on every job site from start to finish, ensuring each project is completed in the most compliant and efficient manor.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., includes the following for EVERY CLIENT

We inspect your property and identify materials that are suspect Asbestos and Lead containing Hazardous Materials.

We coordinate the sampling of suspect materials and obtain laboratory testing.

Post laboratory test results, we draft a removal plan that includes the location of Asbestos and any other Hazardous Materials as identified, and the procedures by which the Asbestos and Hazardous Materials will be handled/abated.

We perform the physical removal/abatement of Asbestos and any other Hazardous Materials.

We coordinate the monitoring of Air Quality during and after the Abatement by a non-affiliated third–party consultant.

We dispose of all the Asbestos and Hazardous Materials, and remove all contaminated materials from the worksite, adhering to all local, state, and federal guidelines.

Tunnel Abatement

Exceeding Expectations Safety and Compliance Are Our Top Priorities

CSUS Make Ready at Student Union Renovation

We meet the strict compliance requirements of OSHA, DTSC, EPA, and Air Quality Regulatory Agencies.

Our Team is specially trained to ensure Zero Exposure to, or Cross-Contamination of Hazardous Building Materials on our job sites. We use required safety measures like polyethylene sheeting, waste disposal bags, and HEPA filtration systems. These safety measures eliminate the risk of exposure to the Hazardous Materials we remove / abate.

We are licensed to transport the waste we remove from your Jobsite, ensuring a clean decontaminated job site every day.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., is a DOT Licensed Hazardous Waste Transporter.

HEPA Filtration

We Install HEPA filtered negative air machines using flex tube venting to achieve negative air throughout the project. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) machines, also called negative air machines, is a critical procedure in keeping dust and debris from leaving the work area containment and prevents contaminating other parts of the job site with dust allergens and other airborne hazards. When we achieve negative air pressure inside the containment, the air pressure outside of the containment is greater than the air pressure inside of the containment, making it nearly impossible for contaminants to exit the work area.

HEPA Vacuum

We HEPA Vacuum all vertical and horizontal surfaces throughout our job sites. Each vertical and horizontal surface left within a containment is vacuumed and hand wiped to ensure a perfectly clean and decontaminated environment, completely ready for you to start rebuilding. Every nail is removed, every scrap cleaned up, and every bit of dust and debris is removed from the job site when we leave the job site each day.

Our Testimonials

John Moore is the president and founder of JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing this letter of recommendation for John Moore of JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.

I have known Mr. Moore for over 20 years in the Asbestos, Lead Based-Paint, and Mold Abatement industry.
My first interaction with Mr. Moore was when I worked for the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District as an inspector. During these years, I found Mr. Moore to be a professional person, knowledgeable, and proud of his work as an Asbestos Abatement Contractor.
My second interaction with Mr. Moore was when I worked for the California Air Resources Board as an inspector for Asbestos Renovation and Demolition activities. During the inspections of Mr. Moore’s Asbestos Abatement projects, I found him to be familiar with the asbestos regulations and laws pertaining to asbestos removal and demolition.

I would highly recommend
Mr. Moore and JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., for their high-quality work and completing the job on time!

AJ Najjar