The historic Roseville Belvedere Hotel was abated and demolished by JM Environmental, Inc. after a planned renovation was slated for the site. Our tasks on this project included abating hazardous materials, protecting and removing below-grade infrastructure, and ultimately clearing the site. JM’s team completed the project on time and left the project site cleaned, graded, and waddled ready for the next development.


JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC . performed Fire Debris Removal and Demolition at the Tower Park Marina in Lodi. The 20K sf structure was determined to be a total loss after extensive damage caused by a three-alarm fire. JM removed all the fire-damaged building materials, ash, and debris after building a containment system designed to prevent any of the debris from falling into the delta during the project.


The Department of Veterans Affairs operates many Hospitals and Clinics across the United States serving our Veterans. The Mather VA Hospital in Sacramento is in the process of renovating existing patient rooms and core spaces. Multi Phased Selective Demolition was JM ENVIRONMENTAL’s scope.

All hospitals operate 24/7, strict adherence to infection control requirements to protect patients and employees, and minimizing disruptions to other parts of the hospital is mandatory during all phases of hospital renovation projects. Our highest priority was to contain the dust and protect patients from its hazards while we performed selective demolition of floors, walls, ceilings, doors, and the selective demolition of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems during several phases of the renovation project. Planning and coordination with the hospital staff as well as providing awareness training to our workers ensured compliance, and patients were not at risk.


3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule - 5 Months on the Job Site - 6 Inch Grub Rip and Final Blade for Finish Detail – 10 Acre Site - 12 Three Story Student Dormitories Abated and Demolished – 1967 The Year the Twelve Tercero Student Dormitories opened - 235,000 Square Feet of Conditioned Space and Below Grade Infrastructure.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., removed a Massive pile of rubbish from the University of California Davis Tercero Student Housing Complex to prepare the site for Fourteen new dormitory buildings, scheduled to open in the fall of 2014. Hazardous Materials Abatement included; PCB, Lead, Asbestos, Mercury, Fluorescent Tubes, and E-Waste. Recycled Materials included Concrete and Metal. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Compliance was a high priority for the project, as well as protecting all the existing trees on the site. The UC Davis Team of representatives commented they had never seen a more thorough and easy to navigate submittal package from a General Contractor.


JM ENVIRONMENTAL demolished a 90’ Short Wave Radio Tower, performed Asbestos Abatement and Building Demolition in preparation for a new Central Kitchen for our valued client, Sacramento City Unified School District.

The site was originally an elementary school, built in the 1940s, and then converted to the Transportation Yard in the 1960s. The 90-foot-tall Short-Wave Radio Tower was used to communicate with the bus drivers until recently. Two cranes were used to demolish the Radio Tower. One crane attached cables to the tower, while the second crane lifted a man basket so the men could disassemble the tower into 30’ sections and bring the sections safely to the parking lot.


JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., was contracted to perform Asbestos Abatement and Selective Demolition for a Sacramento Apartment Community recently due to a large loss fire. The three-alarm fire ignited in the early morning hours. The Apartment community consisted of 143 units, which were all evacuated by fire personnel. Thirty-Six Apartment Units were damaged by fire and water. JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., stripped all thirty-six units to clean studs, the sheetrock, flooring, and exterior stucco contained asbestos. Thirty days were allotted for hazardous material abatement and demolition, JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., completed the work twelve days ahead of schedule, allowing the General Contractor to perform the build back sooner, and accelerating the re-occupancy time for the owners, property managers, and tenants.


Fires that authorities called suspicious shut down two buildings at California State University Sacramento.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., was contracted to abate over 5,000 square feet of hazardous contaminated fireproofing material from the ceiling and strip the walls to the studs from the fourth floor of Mariposa Hall. Team JM worked nights and weekends to get the project ready for the General Contractor to start the build back. “Our goal is to always make the General Contractor who hired us look like a hero,” said owner, John Moore, after completing the project seven days ahead of schedule.


CRYSTAL ICE was once the City of Sacramento’s primary ICE supplier.

They delivered 100-pound blocks of ICE to their customers.

The Crystal Ice Plant, built in the 1920s, was part of the redevelopment of a blighted area on R Street in Sacramento now known as ICE BLOCKS.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL’s Scope: Remove the Hazardous Materials and Demolish three of the ICE Plant buildings on the ICE BLOCK II parcel. The buildings were filled with decaying rubble, including Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint. One of the buildings had a partially collapsed roof. Two of the buildings contained lead-based paint on the interior and exterior walls. Team JM removed and disposed of RACM linoleum flooring, fluorescent light tubing, fluorescent light fixture ballasts, mercury switches, mercury light bulbs, and miscellaneous drums of paints and solvents. Team JM also removed and disposed of the concrete slabs, and footings and blade scraped the site, we also coordinated the Demolition Permits and Air Quality Notifications, providing a complete package to the Client.


JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., completed the demolition of a single-family dwelling, associated landscape, and personal property after a recent firestorm in Reno. The fire created a path of destruction that snaked along the edge of the foothills, sometimes burning one home to the ground while neighboring houses on either side went untouched. JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., was contracted to remove and dispose of the 4,000 SF single-family dwelling, shortly after the fire. The scope of the work included complete demolition of the residence, carport, and basement, including all below-grade footings and infrastructure, the driveway, approximately 2,000 SF of hardscape, and all damaged landscape. Additional site work included identification and capping of all utilities, (water, electric, gas, sewer, data) with flags and fluorescent markings.

Imported compactible fill, decomposed granite, and clean fill dirt were used to bring the basement to site grade, and final grading of the entire site was completed to meet the requirements of the City of Reno Building Department. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and Practices were implemented using straw waddle, silt fence, and straw covering over the final grade to meet Washoe County requirements. The entire site was also hand raked and magnetically swept for the final detail.


When a Structure Fire occurs, Team JM goes to work. We look at each and every Fire Loss as the opportunity to start the occupants on the road to recovery. Whether a Commercial, Industrial or Residential Fire, our Scope includes; stabilizing the structure, the removal and disposal of asbestos containing building materials damaged by fire, smoke and water during firefighting activities, inventory and disposal of asbestos contaminated contents, and non-hazardous selective demolition of building materials.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL Project Managers and Estimators work closely with Property Adjusters, Restoration Contractors and General Contractors, ensuring our projects stay within time and budget constraints, setting a positive tone for each loss.

We leave the insured with the feeling that this unfortunate time will pass and prepare Commercial, Industrial, and Residential structures for General Contractors to make repairs and build back the structure to the pre-loss condition.

Our Scope included; stabilizing the structure, the removal of sheetrock with trace asbestos from throughout the structure, removal of insulation from throughout the structure, removal of baseboards, door casings, doors, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, carpeting, carpet pad, window sills, blinds and hardware, draperies and hardware, appliances, cabinets, countertops, counter splash, plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, shower, bath tubs, medicine cabinets, closet packages, closet doors, can lights, ceiling fans, light fixtures, nail detail throughout the structure, and inventory and disposal of asbestos contaminated contents. In addition, Third Party Asbestos Clearance was coordinated by JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.


A category 3 back up in a sewer main caused the basement in a residential home to flood. When the sewer crew cleared the sewer pipe it forced the “material” into the basement of the home through a non-permitted toilet that was added. The water and sewage reached about four feet in the basement.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., performed selective demolition to gut the basement to studs and decontaminated the entire space.


JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., was in Eureka, CA to perform Asbestos Abatement, Selective Demolition, and Bio-Hazard Clean up after a basement flood.

Our clients Basement Mechanical Room flooded with 6 inches of water damaging the Asbestos Containing Sheetrock. JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., performed selective demolition of the damaged wall systems and decontaminated the entire mechanical room. The Third-Party Hygienist performing the required clearance commented that the basement was cleaner than hospital standards.


Asbestos Abatement, Lead Removal, Media Blasting, Excavators, Bobcats, Torches, and Hydraulic Hammers

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., brought it all to this project in Roseville, CA.

Our Scope included Asbestos Abatement, Lead Removal, a 15,000 sf Interior Cold Shell Gut Demolition, Complete Demolition of a 13,000 sf Parking Structure, Complete Demolition of a 3,700-sf building, and Complete Demolition of a 1,200-sf building.


A defective pump on a diesel fuel storage tank caused 200 gallons of diesel fuel to pump into the rooftop mechanical room of an Office Building in Downtown Sacramento. The building occupants were displaced for one week while JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., cleaned up the diesel fuel, removed and disposed of the contaminated building materials, decontaminated the rooftop mechanical room, decontaminated the ventilation system, and decontaminated the entire fourth floor of the building. Air Quality Emergency Notification, as well as clearing the building for Permissible Exposure Limits and Re-Occupancy by a Certified Industrial Hygienist was part of the scope JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., performed.


JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., removed lead-based paint from a forty-foot diameter energy turbine recently. We completed the task in four days, working shifts around the clock. Fast-tracking the production schedule enabled the client to get the energy turbine back on-line with the least amount of downtime. PERFORMANCE, PROGRESS, and SERVICE…ACCELERATED!


A San Francisco Cab Company in operation since 1928 suffered the total loss of their 12,000 square foot building used for maintenance and repairs after a Three-Alarm Industrial Fire in San Francisco's Bayview District. 100 Fire Fighters responded to the blaze. The roof collapsed during the fire and all the interior contents were damaged.

Using Semi & Heavy equipment, including a JD 330 excavator with heavy-duty grapple attachment, and a specialized concrete attachment muncher/crusher with rebar cutting option, JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., removed and disposed of the 24-foot-tall - 6-inch-thick fire damaged perimeter concrete walls from top-down. Breaking the walls in place into 6 inch minus size material and separating the steel rebar simultaneously to avoid the hazard of pulling the walls down, due to the limited work area and surrounding structures. Post demolition and debris removal, team JM relocated and manipulated all the damaged taxi cabs into rows, so that identification and inventory could be completed safely and with clear access by the owner’s Insurance Adjuster.