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JM Environmental Inc. used three ride on floor scrapers to remove 35,000 square feet of flooring for a retail tenant improvement project.

A planetary walk behind grinder with a HEPA vacuum system was used to remove the floor adhesive and clean concrete substrate.

Lead remediation was also part of the scope. We removed and disposed of lead painted handrails, downspouts and removed loose and flaky lead paint from the bollards and railing around the loading dock. The bollards and railing were then encapsulated with industrial yellow safety paint.

Asbestos Awareness Keeps Every Jobsite Safe

California and Nevada Laws require that specially licensed asbestos abatement contractors perform work with asbestos containing materials.

We adhere to all the strict Federal and State Regulations and Guidelines and always provide free estimates.
JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., employees are trained to handle asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials. Cal OSHA oversees the training programs for Supervisor's and Workers.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., Supervisor's and Workers complete an eight hour refresher Certification every year. The California Certificates are accepted in Nevada.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., is specially licensed to transport hazardous waste. When we leave the job site, so does the hazardous waste.
Per the EPA, Asbestos containing construction materials are defined as any materials with an asbestos content of greater than one tenth of one percent (>0.1%). OSHA regulates all materials with an asbestos content greater than one percent (1%).

Under the U.S. EPA National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulation, no visible emissions are allowed during building demolition or renovation activities, which involve regulated asbestos containing materials. NESHAP requires removal of all asbestos containing materials which have or will become friable prior to any demolition or renovation activities.


Regulated asbestos containing material is friable asbestos containing material that, when dry, can be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to powder by hand pressure or non friable asbestos containing material that has been or will be subjected to sanding, grinding, cutting or abrading or has crumbled, or been pulverized or reduced to powder in the course of demolition or renovation procedures.

RACM requires the most stringent disposal and manifesting criteria, and also triggers notification to local Air Quality districts in commercial structure jobs.



Asbestos Abatement and Demolition was our scope for the YMCA in Carmichael, CA.

The Asbestos Abatement included removing ACM containing floor tile and mastic, transite panels, TSI pipes, 6 inch thick TSI insulated wall paneling, and a Boiler. Demolition included the 7000 SF’ main building, 3500 SF’ locker room, 1400 SF’ chapel, 100’ x 50’ swimming pool, wading pool, equipment room, concrete sidewalks, and fence. The 1.5 ton boiler remained in place during the building demolition, and then it was loaded into one of our dump trucks, as a single piece. Before demolishing the concrete footings in the main building, a five foot cut was saw cut into the adjacent asphalt to prevent damage to the asphalt parking lot.

After removing the underground utilities and grading the lot, JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., spread cedar bark across the 10,000 SF’ lot for dust control.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is still being mined, imported, and used in construction materials despite being confirmed as a human carcinogen.

Asbestos Fibers can be nearly 700 times smaller than human hair.

55 countries have banned asbestos containing construction materials, but the United States has not.

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