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JM Environmental is a premier demolition company in Sacramento. We offer many services in the field of demolition, with a specialization in residential and commercial demolition. Our services also extend to deconstruction, earthwork, land preparation services, and excavation. As you hire our services, we give your project the utmost importance and ensure safety and efficiency throughout in a cost-effective manner With decades of experience, our licensed contractors are equipped to handle any commercial, residential, industrial, public, and private demolition. The operators at our organization are trained under strict supervision, and go through drug testing and heavy-equipment certification training.

Our operators have either trained from a reputable training school in the field of demolition or have hands-on training and experience. They possess the required skills to use and manage major units in the demolition industry. These units include mini and large excavators, skid steers, backhoes, and others that have several attachments. So, if you are on the lookout for professional demolition in Sacramento, JM Environmental should be your choice.

JM Environmental has completed demolition at many stages. These stages differ from one client to another. Whether you require interior demolition, residential demolition, or commercial demolition, we can handle it for you.

We can manage projects of different sizes. From 500 sq ft to over 5,000,000 sq ft, JM Environmental can also take care of delicate interior destruction services. These services let clients reuse and recycle certain areas of their structure. During demolition in Sacramento, you will need to hand-sort materials, which our crew will help with the project managers and engineers partner with the client to devise the best strategy for demolition and structure planning, as we take pride in the level of efficiency and safety we create. What’s more, we always finish the project on time and within the budget discussed with the client.


Before beginning a project for residential demolition, we perform an inspection to ensure that the house does not contain any rotted wood, asbestos, mold, lead, or other hazardous materials. We focus on safety for our clients, contractors, project managers, and engineers.

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If we find asbestos, mold, or lead, we first perform removal of the same following the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Only after the house has been checked and evaluated for demolition, will we proceed with the necessary permits and the demolition activities.

According to certain laws in Sacramento, you will require a permit to demolish any existing structure that was displayed on public records.

Moreover, we need to follow guidelines like disposal of debris, permitted hours of demolition, allowable noise levels, and other notifications. Our team of contractors and operators are always on their toes to be knowledgeable about the recent city, country, and state regulations. We want to be the demolition company in Sacramento that gives customers the best service possible.

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The time taken to complete demolition varies, depending on the type of demolition and the size of the property. If it is a smaller property, the time taken for demolition in Sacramento is a lot lesser than the time taken for larger premises. Generally, demolition takes about one day to one week.

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How Long Does it Take for Demolition to Complete?

After the permits are obtained, it is essential to disconnect all utilities before starting the demolition process. These utilities include gas, electricity, sewer, and telephone. Forgetting to disconnect the same can pose hazards and other concerns, so make sure you send in a request to disconnect the services 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

Just give JM Environmental a call to book demolition services for your residential or commercial properties. Our crew and engineers are ready to guide you on the best way to start the demolition process.