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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is an organic material that naturally occurred in building materials used at the beginning of the mid-1800s. Even after the material was identified to pose major health concerns, it was popularly used in residential construction materials until the early 1980s.

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Some of the building products in which asbestos is commonly found include:
1. Duct insulation
2. Roofing shingles
3. Floor tiles
4. Popcorn ceilings
5. Pipe and boiler insulation
6. Stucco
7. Wall texture materials
8. Adhesive and mastic

The most popular health concern linked with asbestos is mesothelioma, a kind of lung cancer that is fatal in nature.
Getting rid of hazardous, asbestos-containing materials can reduce the odds of health risks. But, it is necessary to correctly perform asbestos removal in Sacramento by following proper procedures and precautions. Any mistake can lead to a greater contamination threat as compared to previous conditions when the material was left undisturbed.
Therefore, you must always rely on the services of a specialized contractor like JM Environmental. We are trained and qualified and practice the correct asbestos removal protocol. Here’s an outline of our procedure for asbestos abatement in Sacramento:

Step 1: Legal Compliance

Before beginning any procedures, we discuss the requirements and offer a written contract outlining our plans for removal. These plans discuss in detail the work we will perform at different stages, from containment to cleanup.
Moreover, our contract explains all the federal, state, and local regulations that we need to adhere to. These entail a list of local agencies you need to notify along with the procedures for abatement, transport, and disposal of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

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Step 2: Containment

Before beginning asbestos removal in Sacramento, the contractor will seal the area of work, demarcating it from the rest of the home and the outdoors. To do this, a plastic sheet is put up and secured with adhesive tape. After containing the entire area, signboards are posted outside to clearly bark it as a hazardous zone. The inhabitants of the home, including pets, are not allowed to remain in or around the area.

Step 3: Removal

In this next step, the contractor physically removes materials that contain asbestos. Technicians wear the required protective gear as they begin to remove asbestos. This gear includes rubber gloves, shoe covers, protective eyewear, a P100 respirator, and more. Using HEPA air filtration, the work area should also be put under negative pressure, because doing so will safely trap any airborne asbestos particles.

While taking these precautions is suggested, the risk of dust generated during the process still exists. Consequently, technicians take additional care by applying moisture.

We never perform dry asbestos abatement in Sacramento. The area is wet down with the help of a mister before beginning to scrape. Wetting the area ensures that dust particles don’t get into the air stream and fall straight onto the ground for collection and safe disposal.

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Step 4: Disposal

After completing the abatement, all asbestos-containing materials must be collected in heavy-duty plastic bags. We ensure that we properly label each of these bags containing hazardous materials and then clean the area with wet mops, special HEPA vacuums, and rags. We give utmost importance to this cleanup and disposal procedure so that lingering asbestos dust does not contaminate the other parts of the home.

Step 5: Follow-up

After completing the job, we provide documentation summarizing the work that has been performed and the legally compliant procedures we followed. You can also schedule a follow-up for the professional contractor to come and review the area and ensure that no hazardous conditions remain.
JM Environmental follows these simple steps for asbestos removal in Sacramento. We strive to remove asbestos following all legal standards and requirements.