Dear Mr. Moore,
I had the occasion to work with your company last week after my 102 year old moms ice maker service line broke and leaked overnight, flooding a large part of her home.

The insurance company had to test the property for asbestos & lead and the result of that testing caused them to engage your company to perform the demolition, presumably due to licenses you have for HAZMAT demolition.

You should know my business is customer service training and implementation of high service standards in both the retail trade and restaurant industries.

You should also know that your employees are an example of what fast, clean and efficient service should be. The crew that came out to work was courteous and efficient and left the property clean and ready for reconstruction. Your high standards are very evident in all aspects of the demolition and cleanup. They were a very hard working group of men. They were on time and ready to work.

The project estimator/manager was especially crisp, knowledgeable and understanding of the situation. She did the one thing that I stress in all of my customer service seminars: LISTEN TO THE CLIENT. She totally understood the predicament of a 102 year old woman being displaced and uncomfortable out of her home. She, in fact, passed that understanding on to the insurance people in order to get the demo done fast so I could get moving on reconstruction. I really appreciate that.

In short, Mr. Moore my interaction with your company was very positive, timely and issue free. A rare thing in the trades today.

You should be proud of your staff and especially Ms. Ward. I have emailed a copy of this letter to Mercury Insurance. They should know how clients feel about their contractors.

Russ Belleci
Managing Partner
Belleci Group Retail and Restaurant Consultants