We are the project managers for two large rebuild projects in Santa Rosa; Valley Oaks in Fountain Grove and Stonefield Condominiums. This is the first time we have worked with JM Environmental, Inc. They did the debris cleanup on both of our projects and did an absolutely fantastic job. I’ve never seen anything as professionally done as these two projects. I’ve never seen a project that turned out to be that clean, and effortless on their part.

They are still working on the Stonefield project, and have completed the Oaks. We received nothing but rave reviews from the homeowners and everybody that has seen the project and how well done it was. They do a lot of extras which they don’t charge you for, but they just do things the right way. Again, it is the first time that I had an opportunity to use them, but I can tell you we will be using them again should the need arise in the future. They are a top-notch company from top to bottom, everyone is great to deal with and we could not have had a better experience.

We had to talk our clients out of using FEMA and going with a private debris removal company. We got some push back on that in the beginning but by the time we were done with the Oaks, they were raving about J.M. They did a fantastic job.

Ken Kosloff
Principal & Senior Construction Consultant Richard Avelar & Associates

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