I would like to acknowledge the exceptional performance provided by JM Environmental and Team. They successfully completed the Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition of the old Tercero site, and left a clean graded site for the future Tercero Three Student Housing. The Tercero project was extensive, and represents one of the largest abatement/demolition projects for the University of California, Davis. The requirements and expectations were high for all parties involved. I believe contractors are expected to do a good job without recognition. But in reflecting back over the five months during the Tercero project, JM Environmental provided exceptional quality workmanship, constant communication, and always did what was asked of them. They went above and beyond the agreed contract in an exponential fashion. The office support staff at JM Environmental provided some of the best paperwork the University has received from a service provider. It was a pleasure working with John Moore, owner of JM Environmental, Inc. and all the members of his team. I look forward to having JM Environmental on projects in the future.

Bill Wiere
Brown Construction, Inc.

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