JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., President John Moore shares the story about the Wildfire Debris Removal & Cleanup work we did following the October 2017 Wildfires in Northern California.

This Time Lapse Video shows JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., disconnecting and removing a 200’ long conveyor system from a Sunflower Processing Plant. The floor height on the conveyor system was 40’ tall. Team JM cut the pieces apart and used a crane to lower them to the ground. We also removed a large concrete pad. The conveyor & sorting system expansion enabled the Sunflower Processing Plant to unload trucks in 20 minutes, whereas it took 210 minutes previously.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., removing asbestos infused lead paint using a media blaster at a Public Entity Utility site. The Asbestos Infused Lead Paint was originally used to strengthen the structure.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., demolishing massive lead paint coated structural steel trusses on a train bridge.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., demolishing half of the Student Union Building at California State University Sacramento. Three excavators were used concurrently during the demolition. Excavator # 1 has a grappling thumb with a camera attached. The camera screen inside the cage enables the operator to view close up exactly what he is removing from the structure. Excavator # 2 has a hammer to demolish the concrete foundation.
Excavator # 3 has a pincher claw to move and sort the steel rebar and concrete debris.

JM ENVIRONMENTAL INC. used three ride on floor scrapers to remove 35,000 square feet of flooring for a retail tenant improvement project. A planetary walk behind grinder with a Hepa vacuum system was used to remove the floor adhesive to clean concrete substrate. Lead remediation was also part of the scope. We removed and disposed of lead painted handrails, and downspouts, and removed loose and flaky lead paint from the bollards and railing around the loading dock. The bollards and railing were then encapsulated with industrial yellow safety paint.