Thanks so much, your Team did a fabulous job and their customer service in this horrible time was exceptional.

Your crew members were able to locate my stepmom’s wedding ring underneath heavy fire debris and piles of roof tile and ash. To say that I was shocked and amazed is an understatement. Please accept my deep appreciation for their excellent work and for representing JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., so professionally.

JM was cautious with the site, did not just "rip and tear" the property. They put down plywood so as to not crack the driveway or any curbs. In short - they were "gentle and respectful" of the property. The neighbor next to them used FEMA and the comparison was astonishing.

I was delighted and teary eyed when Ramon, Ruben and Antonio uncovered some pieces of ceramics that our son Sam had made in elementary school. The crew carefully brushed each piece, washed it, and rubbed it clean and dry with a heavy paper towel. I was so touched by the care and respect given to these items that would have meaning only to its owner.

I have to tell you that I've heard nothing but extremely positive comments about your employees on site and their work. They have been polite, considerate, and professional. Nothing less than I expected, but greatly appreciated nonetheless!


JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., is our first choice because they are professional, clean and stay on schedule. They always lead our projects off to a safe great start!



If we could have JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC., on all our Demolition jobs we would.



We can always count on JM ENVIRONMENTAL for partnership and providing added value to the project team.



Good morning,

I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with your company this past week. The crew that was down our way, lead by Sammy Roman, exemplified excellence. I wish I could name every single member of the crew as they all deserve to be recognized. Not only was their work thorough and the attention to detail meticulous; but the communication throughout the week made the project coordination a breeze.

I look forward to working with your company in the future.

Many thanks and well wishes to the week ahead.

Christina Lombardo
Industrial Hygiene Specialist
Environmental Health and Safety
University of California Santa Cruz


J & M did outstanding work for us and went over & above the SOW. We would use them again & would recommend them on future projects.

Willard Stepper
Chugach Federal Solutions


To Whom it May Concern,

I am reaching out to express my appreciation for the quality of work, and professionalism of J.M. Environmental. I had the good fortune of bringing JME into our interior renovation project at Thunder Valley Casino. McCarthy was contracted to remodel and upgrade the Feast Buffet Servery while the facility was fully operational. I was very pleased with both the office staff management and the field level expertise.

This multi phased project required a real expert in demolition for each of the base scopes of work, as well as targeted and contained abatement when fungal growth was discovered. JM Environmental was an excellent team. As the project progressed, I was contacted by the JME leadership to check on the progress and to assure that the work was taking place in a manner that best met the needs of the project.

I am pleased to be asked to reach out and express my appreciation to JME for their work, commitment, and efforts on the Thunder Valley Casino Project. I look forward to many more projects with JME as I know that I will be working with a professional and customer driven group.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding JME and their work.


Tim Albiani, PE
Project Director- Operations
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


I would like to acknowledge the exceptional performance provided by JM Environmental and Team. They successfully completed the Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition of the old Tercero site, and left a clean graded site for the future Tercero Three Student Housing. The Tercero project was extensive, and represents one of the largest abatement/demolition projects for the University of California, Davis. The requirements and expectations were high for all parties involved. I believe contractors are expected to do a good job without recognition. But in reflecting back over the five months during the Tercero project, JM Environmental provided exceptional quality workmanship, constant communication, and always did what was asked of them. They went above and beyond the agreed contract in an exponential fashion. The office support staff at JM Environmental provided some of the best paperwork the University has received from a service provider. It was a pleasure working with John Moore, owner of JM Environmental, Inc. and all the members of his team. I look forward to having JM Environmental on projects in the future.
Bill Wiere
Brown Construction, Inc.


We at Landmark Construction have used JM Environmental for many years. They have completed public works projects for us in both the K-12 and University environments, and have always been a competent and professional subcontracting firm.

Joe Bittaker | President
Landmark Construction


JM Environmental is a great subcontractor! The Office staff is professional and responsive. The site staff works hard and communicates well.

Sean Burnie, Project Executive
Clark & Sullivan Construction


Just thought you might want to hear that my oversight tech at the school last week had only the highest praise for your crew from the organization, to the set-up, to the general preparedness and diligence. Nice job.
Karin Schroeter | Senior Project Manager, LEED AP
RGA Environmental, Inc.


Hi John,
I just wanted drop you a quick note regarding Jill Sorge’s work on the loss at St. Francis Parish in Sacramento. To say that she has gone above and beyond on this project would be an understatement! From the outset, this job has been fraught with issues ranging from changes in coverage to old damage that has required multiple reconstruction attempts. Through it all, Jill has maintained the utmost level of professionalism. On several occasions aspects of this job have required coordination between Servpro, the reconstruction contractor, and JM Environmental with my needing revised or supplemental changes to the scope of work, often in less than 24 hours. The insured has added a heavy burden on time constraints and at the same time has been reluctant to authorize repairs until we had a confirmation of coverage from Catholic Mutual. Despite all of those obstacles, I still received the estimates/revisions from JM before any of the other vendors. When issues did arise, Jill arranged to meet with the appropriate contractor to address the situation almost immediately and really kept things moving forward. She has stayed on top of the job from start to finish and she and your crews have been excellent in documenting the work performed and conditions encountered.

I have always counted on JM Environmental to “do the job right” and have never been disappointed. But in this instance, Jill’s efforts have gone beyond the already high level of service I have come to expect from JM. She has truly been an integral part of us successfully resolving a claim where many things could and did go wrong.


Jeremy Cargile
Independent Field Adjuster
Sams & Associates


Dear Ms. Fry:

I felt compelled to write you a reference letter because of the excellent service that I have received from JM Environmental on the last few projects. It is rare that I write such a letter because the standards of Anderson Group International are very high and expectations for our subcontractors are too. JM Environmental has definitely and deservedly received the title of ‘trade partner’ within our organization. The removal of the fire proofing at California State University Sacramento is a prime example of how your company made our company look so good.

The removal of the Monocot after a large fire at CSUS was a time sensitive and difficult project. The fire proofing needed to be removed from the metal decking, vertical and horizontal I-beams and various hard-to-reach locations. The work needed to be done after hours and in a way not to disrupt students, teachers and staff. The debris could only be taken down the elevators [from the fourth floor] as there were no other options to get the bags of the oatmeal-like substance out of the building. On mobilization night, the JM Environmental team showed up, knew the game plan and executed quickly and efficiently. I was able to recognize who the leaders were by their white shirts and their ability to efficiently direct the well-dressed and well-groomed crews. When I personally reviewed their work, I was stunned and blown away by the attention to detail and the speed by which it was completed. The project was finished on time and within budget.

John Moore and Company came through – just like they had before and have ever since. Thank you, JM Environmental for your ability to mirror Anderson Group International’s promise to the client and provide a superior work product under the most difficult of circumstances.

Bill Weber, CR,CMRS,GRP
Regional Manager
Anderson Group International


Dear Mr. Moore,

I had the occasion to work with your company last week after my 102 year old moms ice maker service line broke and leaked overnight, flooding a large part of her home.

The insurance company had to test the property for asbestos & lead and the result of that testing caused them to engage your company to perform the demolition, presumably due to licenses you have for HAZMAT demolition.

You should know my business is customer service training and implementation of high service standards in both the retail trade and restaurant industries.

You should also know that your employees are an example of what fast, clean and efficient service should be. The crew that came out to work was courteous and efficient and left the property clean and ready for reconstruction. Your high standards are very evident in all aspects of the demolition and cleanup. They were a very hard working group of men. They were on time and ready to work.

Jessica Ward the project estimator/manager was especially crisp, knowledgeable and understanding of the situation. She did the one thing that I stress in all of my customer service seminars: LISTEN TO THE CLIENT. She totally understood the predicament of a 102 year old woman being displaced and uncomfortable out of her home. She, in fact, passed that understanding on to the insurance people in order to get the demo done fast so I could get moving on reconstruction. I really appreciate that.

In short, Mr. Moore my interaction with your company was very positive, timely and issue free. A rare thing in the trades today.

You should be proud of your staff and especially Ms. Ward. I have emailed a copy of this letter to Mercury Insurance. They should know how clients feel about their contractors.

Russ Belleci
Managing Partner
Belleci Group Retail and Restaurant Consultants