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DEMOLITION Service Includes the Installation of critical barriers and engineering controls to isolate the work area, Interior and Exterior site controls including cones, barriers, signage, caution tape and ground drops. These procedures ensure the rest of the structure stays completely free of dust and debris while our workers remove the Hazardous Building Materials. We remove the debris inside of the containment, and package all of the waste in 6-millimeter poly bags before the debris leaves the containment. Furthermore, outside of the containment, our team ensures the job site is clean and decontaminated.

We Install Hepa filtered negative air machines using flex tube venting to achieve negative air throughout the project. Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Air) machines, also called negative air machines, is a critical procedure in keeping dust and debris from leaving the work area containment and prevents contaminating other parts of the job site with dust allergens and other airborne debris. When we achieve negative air pressure inside the containment, the air pressure outside of the containment is greater than the air pressure inside of the containment, making it nearly impossible for contaminants to exit the work area.

We Hepa Vacuum all vertical and horizontal surfaces throughout our job sites. Each flat and vertical surface left within a containment is vacuumed and hand wiped to ensure a perfectly clean and decontaminated environment, completely ready for you to start rebuilding. Every nail is removed, every scrap cleaned up, and every bit of dust and debris is removed from the job site when we leave the job site each day.

We do DEMOLITION and we do it BETTER than anyone.